Privacy Policy

Uonuma Jozo Co., Ltd. (“Uonuma Jozo”) recognizes that information that may identify an individual, in particular personal names, addresses and telephone numbers, (“Personal Information”) is important. We strictly adhere to laws and ordinances concerning Personal Information and set out our privacy policy hereinunder.

1. Collection of Personal Information

Uonuma Jozo collects Personal Information that may identify our customers through our website, and campaigns, e-mail transmission service, questionnaires, sample distribution, online shopping service and other activities. In collecting Personal Information, the fundamental principle is that information is provided by our customers at their own discretion. We specify the purpose of such collection to the customer in advance and through legitimate and fair methods use the collected Personal Information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose specified to the customer.

In such case as a customer does not wish to provide Personal Information, they may decline to provide such information at their own discretion. However, in such instance, the customer may be unable to use services on the Uonuma Jozo website.

2. Management of Personal Information

Personal Information provided by our customers is strictly managed by the person responsible for administering the Uonuma Jozo website (the “Administrator”) and all possible security measures are in place against its leakage, misuse, falsification, loss and destruction, etc.

3. Limits on use of Personal Information

Personal Information provided by our customers will be used only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose specified to the customer. We will not use Personal Information for any purpose other than that to which we obtained the customer’s consent.

4. Provision of Personal Information

Uonuma Jozo does not provide Personal Information collected from our customers to third parties except in the following instances.

  1. 1)When the customer has given their consent.
  2. 2)When outsourcing handling of Personal Information to an external contractor with whom we have a personal information non-disclosure agreement, within the scope of the purpose of use specified to the customer.
  3. 3)As statistical data, when processed so that individual customers can no longer be identified.
  4. 4)When requested to do so by a governmental organization in accordance with a legal obligation.
  5. 5)When required to do so in accordance with laws and ordinances.

5. Disclosure, amendment and deletion of Personal Information

Any requests to disclose, amend or delete Personal Information collected from a customer should be addressed to the Administrator. The customer’s Personal Information will be disclosed, amended or deleted within a reasonable period once we have confirmed that the request came from the customer him or herself.

6. Use of cookies

Cookies are used in some parts of the Uonuma Jozo website. This use records customers’ history of browsing, etc., the Uonuma Jozo website, enabling us to provide a better website experience. While the cookies identify the bowser used by a customer, they do not identify the individual customer’s Personal Information and are used solely to understand browsing.

7. Access histories (logs)

Information on customers who use the Uonuma Jozo website, including such information as when and from where they access it, is collected in access histories (logs) on Uonuma Jozo’s web servers. This data is used for statistics and analysis of use of the Uonuma Jozo website and is not, in principle, used for any other purpose. However, in such case as Uonuma Jozo deems it particularly necessary due to use in breach of this Privacy Policy, etc., we may verify such logs.

Further, in such case as we are requested to do so by a public judicial organ (court of law, the police, etc.) in accordance with a legal procedure, we may disclose such logs.

8. Warranties and limitation of liability

Uonuma Jozo assumes no responsibility for the protection of Personal Information on websites linked to this website.

Customers should refer to the privacy policy, etc. of the linked website by themselves for the Personal Information protections of the linked website.

9. Revision of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised to protect customers’ Personal Information. The new Privacy Policy shall apply after any revision. Customers will not be informed individually of such revision and are requested to check this webpage periodically.

10. Cessation of the website

Uonuma Jozo may cease operating this website without prior customer agreement or prior notice to customers. In such case, customers’ information will be erased completely.

11. Inquiries concerning the website

Please contact the following with any queries regarding your Personal Information.

Uonuma Jozo Website Administrator

1791-10 Tokamachi, Uonuma, Niigata 946-0035

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